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Welcome to theroyakash publications. I am Akash Roy known on the internet as theroyakash. I am a computer scientist with research interest in high performance algorithms and distributed systems, currently doing masters in computer science from IIT (Indian Institute of Technology).

I run a website called, which is a source of materials for FAANG and top startup coding interviews.

I am currently in the process of

  • writing a Distributed Systems Book [2023 expected]
  • Completing the contents [2022 winter expected]
  • Set up a comprehensive set of data structure related blog post and tutorials that will help you become a master in data structures.

If you subscribe to me monthly you'll get one on one mentoring with me once every month, and will get access to the materials before release and will play a valuable role in shaping the contents. If you subscribe to the efforts to openly share quality knowledge, please subscribe to my newsletter here and also make a donation [if you can].

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